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African Print Satin lined Bonnet Torinor, Satin Bonnet - Rufina Designs

African Print Satin lined Bonnet Torinor


Whether you have short hair, locks, braids, curly hair, afro or straight hair etc, your hair will look as good in the morning as it did the night before.

Why you should wear a satin bonnet to bed:

  1. Healthier Hair - Sleeping with a satin cap means no more dry hair and split ends.
  2. Better Looking Hair - It helps keep the curls’ in shape and style, prevents frizz and hair damaged
  3. Hydrated Hair - Sleeping on cotton is known to dry out your hair from root to tips but satin helps keep your hair hydrated and fresh
  4. Ready to Go Hair - Sleeping on satin can help retain your hairstyle throughout the night which means less styling the next morning.
  5. Thick elastic band ensures that this sleep bonnet stays on all night long, no matter how wild the sleeper

Wear this to bed time, look fleek around the house even on your bad hair days.

Small: Toddler/Children/Very short hair.
Medium: Short/Medium length hair/locs/extensions and braid styles.
Large: Extremely long hair/locs/braids/big fro/wigs.

Care instructions: Hand wash or delicate wash. No bleach. Lay flat to air dry.


Outer cover: 100% cotton
Inner lining: 100% Satin
Elasticated edge