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An online fashion shop where you can find exotic, chic & colourful shoes, bags and accessories that will make you stand out. My name is Rufina Asaolu and I’m a designer and retailer of exotic shoes, bags and accessories.

From Hobby to Profession

I started Rufina Designs back in my bedroom. At the time, my day job at a call centre lacked sufficient challenge to keep me motivated. In an attempt to cure my boredom and in response to a hunger to try something new, something creative, I started making little and simple craft items in her bedroom! Moreover, So instead of watching TV when I got home as I usually did or YouTube for hours on end, I decided to do something different and innovative. I swapped my beloved TV dramas, sitcoms and documentaries with YouTube DIY tutorials videos on making accessories and I started following some fashion blogs.

Within a few weeks of watching these tutorials I had started designing and making my own range of accessories - a range that have included small accessories like earrings necklaces, and hair ribbons, to bigger items like shoes and bags. But I must admit that I was astonished at the sight of my first accomplishment – a green yellow rose flower headband! The joy I felt and the satisfaction I got from completing that piece has stayed with me ever since.

My first accessories, made in the winter of 2010 - the days of small beginnings.



In those early days, making accessories was something of a hobby - with my friends and family ending up as the main beneficiaries of the items I made. But as my designs and products have grown in popularity and have begun to generate income, making accessories has grown from a pastime (my family will say an obsession), to a something of a part time job (and on the way to being a fully-fledged business) in recent times. 

Why shop at Rufina?

If you adore beautiful styles that makes you stand out, you can’t go wrong with Rufina Designs.

We are dedicated to creating colourful and beautiful accessories which are inspired by a fusion of western styles and fashion around abroad including Africa, America and the Far East.

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Rufina Designs - accessories that make you stand out with class.