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Rufina Designs - Clothes and Accessories that make you stand out with class.

Rufina Designs is an online fashion shop that specialises in vibrant and chic African-inspired women’s clothing, accessories and trendy home décor ideas and storage solutions through our straw baskets. We help you to stand out from the crowd, like the Queen that you are!

About The Founder

Rufina Asaolu originally started Rufina Designs in the humble abode of her bedroom! The idea was birthed from yearning for something meaningful and fulfilling. The quest for greater purpose, motivation and direction led to her creating simple craft items in her bedroom!

From DIY tutorials and blogs, Rufina learnt how to design and craft her own range of accessories. She then shared these with friends and families to wear at their leisure. The diverse array of accessories varied from African inspired earrings, necklaces to Ankara print shoes and Ankara bags.

One of the very first accessories Rufina made was a green and yellow rose flower headband! Astonished at her marvelous creativity and achievement, Rufina was overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction; something she was severely lacking. This feeling of accomplishment remained with her ever since she made her first craft item and led to her officially founding Rufina Designs in 2018. The range then extended to African print clothing.

Rufina was born in Jirapa, Upper West, Ghana. Drawing on her heritage from her sister region Bolga, in the Upper East Region, Rufina Designs offers a range of Bolga Baskets, Bolga Fans, Bolga Hats and many more. They are sustainable, eco-friendly and support the weavers from Bolga. We are passionate about investing back into the community.